Scout Term has Started/News

Start of New Term
Scouts/Explorers start on 28th August.
We meet in Halls 1 & 2 between 7:15pm and 9:00pm.
We will break for Christmas holidays on 11th December.
Summer Camp – Aberdeen
We have recently returned from our summer camp which was held in Templars Park near Aberdeen. We had 5 scouts and 4 explorers.Some of the activities that we did were:

  • Visit Banff Aquarium (quite a long drive!)
  • Build and Run around an assault course.
  • Swimming at Stonehaven open air pool – the only remaining open air swimming pool left in Scotland (it was warm but the water was very salty).
  • Build bivouacs (shelters) in which two of the youngest scouts slept overnight.
  • Bread making on open fire.
  • Visit Crathes castle.
  • A huge water fight!
  • Swimming in Aberdeen indoor pool (with flumes).
  • Visit the Maritime museum in Aberdeen.

As mentioned above two of the scouts camped out in their bivouac. This goes towards part of a special badge called the Zodiac Award which I describe in more detail below.

Badges were awarded at camp for the following:

  • Nights Away – a badge given to scouts that have camped for so many nights (in stages).
  • The Outdoor Challenge Award – a badge for achieving camping skills such as tent pitching and fire lighting.
  • Swimmers badge (various levels) – this badge was completed prior to camp and was awarded to the scouts that attended the camp.
  • Chief Scouts Gold award – the highest badge given to scouts for completing several challenge awards and doing a personal challenge.
Chief Scouts Gold Award Chief Scouts Gold Award
Five of our scouts that are moving on to Explorers after the summer achieved the Chief Scouts Gold Award. This involves completing challenges in the following areas, Outdoor, Creative, Fitness, Community, Adventure and a personal challenge. It has been quite some years since we had so many scouts achieve this award. Well done to Alison, Gemma, Kirsty, Jamie, and Lisa in completing this award.
Scout Post Tree
Once again this year we will be participating in Scout Post.
Details will come out nearer the time of collection and delivery.
Just as a reminder delivery is usually early in December so be prepared to write your cards by the end of November.
The Zodiac Award Zodiac Gold Award
As I mentioned above two of our scouts have started activities for the Zodiac Award.
This is a particularly difficult badge to achieve. It involves camping for at least 8 different months in one year. The camping will have varying themes such as sleeping in Bivouacs (shelters), camping at sea level, and camping below 0 degrees Celsius.We will be starting the Zodiac Award proper probably to end of this year.
Scouts Centenary Year 2007 Logo
2007 is a big year for the Scout movement. In 1907 the first experimental Scout camp was held. Robert Baden-Powell mixed together boys from diverse backgrounds. During their eight days together, they learnt to survive in the wild, and how to live by a code of honour.Therefore there will be lots of events and activities during 2007 to celebrate our Centenary year including:

  • Gifts for Peace
  • Join-in-Centenary
  • Scouting’s Sunrise
Juniper Green 300
With the 300th anniversary of Juniper Green coinciding with the Scout centenary year we are looking to get involved in the Juniper Green celebrations.Does anyone have any recollections of scouting in Juniper Green throughout the last 100 years? We would love to hear your stories.


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