Scouts News – November 2007

Next Zodiac Camp – Friday 23rd November – Bonaly
The next Zodiac camp will be at Bonaly on Friday 23rd November.
The cost will be £5.00.
Arrive at Bonaly for 8pm.
We will leave Bonaly at 8am Saturday morning.
Please indicate on the return slip if you wish to attend.

Scout Post – Help in the Sorting Office
We will require small teams of scouts to help take the Scout Post cards that we have collected to the sorting office.
We require scouts for:

  • Monday 3rd December (during Scouts) – meet at Juniper Green Church Hall 7:15pm.
  • Wednesday 5th December – meet at Neill’s house (5 Baberton Mains Lea) 6pm.

Scout Post Delivery – Sunday 9th December 2007
As part of our fund raising the scouts will be expected to help helping deliver scout post to Commiston Road on Sunday 9th December at 10:00am.
Scout Post provides approximately £500 of fund raising each year.

Ratho Climbing Centre – 17th December 2007
For the end of term we will be going to the Ratho Climbing centre to use the Climbing Wall and Aerial Assault.
This will be between 8pm and 10pm.
The cost will be £15.00 each (including a £5.00 subsidy from the Scout group).
Please fill in the details on the return slip.

Asda Bag Pack – Thursday 27th December 2007
We have been given a slot between 12pm and 6pm on Thursday 27th December to pack bags in Asda Chesser.
This is a wonderful opportunity to raise significant funds for the Scout Group.
You will be expected to attend for at least 2 hours (12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm, or 4pm-6pm).

Unfortunately at present we are making a loss financially and if this continues then fees and the cost of activities will rise. By attending the bag pack we will be able to minimize the rise in costs.
We would like to ask if parents/carers can also attend if possible as this is a major fund raising initiative and to maximise our income we need to man all available checkouts.

We will provide identification for adults attending.

This bag pack can potentially raise £1,000 which in turn will help in reducing fees/costs of activities during the year.
For information we will be operating at a loss for this year without fund raising.

Brass Monkey Camp – Bonaly – 16th – 17th February 2008
Bonaly are holding a Brass Monkey camp in February.
The cost will be £15 and the deadline is 28th January 2008.
This camp will count towards the Zodiac Awards.

Cycling at Glentress – March 2008
We did speak about organizing a trip to Glentress near Peebles to do some mountain biking.
At the moment we are proposing some time in March 2008 where we will travel to Peebles on the Saturday, spend the whole day at Glentress and then camp overnight near by.
More details will follow once we have finalized the arrangements with Glentress and the campsite.

District “Blast Off” Camp 25th – 27th April 2008

There are changes within the district of Edinburgh Area scouting that affect our current District of Merchiston.
Next year the Merchiston and Pentland & Almond Valley districts will be merging.
To celebrate the creation of the new District, a District “Blast Off” camp is being organised for all scouts within the new District (the new name is still being decided).
This camp will be at Auchengillan new Loch Lommond and will consist of a variety of scouting skills/fun activities. We are trying to provide a very active programme including activities such as Kayaking, Rock Climbing, and Archery.
The cost will be £45.00 per person.
A deposit of £20.00 is required by 1st December so that we can book the campsite and activities.
If you are interested in this camp then please complete the return slip.

Summer Camp 2008 – Festival Camp – Fordell Firs
Next year’s summer camp will be at Fordell Firs between 27th July and 2nd August 2008.
This will be part of an international jamboree with Edinburgh Scouts/Guides.
You can find out more information in the web site –

The total cost of the camp will be £150, and there is a £50.00 deposit required by 31st January 2008.
If you are interested then please complete the return slip.

Scouts Return on 14th January 2008 Tree
The 17th December will be the last scout night of the year.
Scouts will start back on Monday 14th January 2008.

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Contact Details
Chris Welch – Scout Leader

172nd Merchiston Scouts – Return Slip

I would/would not* like to attend the Zodiac camp on 23rd November at Bonaly.

  • Please find enclosed the fee of £5.00 (Cheques made payable to “172nd Merchiston Scouts”).

I will/will not* be able to help in the scout post sorting office on Monday 3rd December.

I will/will not* be able to help in the scout post sorting office on Wednesday 5th December.

I will/will not be able* to help with the Scout Post Delivery on Sunday 9th December.

I will/will not be able* to attend the Ratho Climbing Centre on Monday 17th December.

  • Please find enclosed £15.00 (Cheques made payable to “172nd Merchiston Scouts”).

I am/am not* able to attend the ASDA Bag Pack on Thursday 27th December.

  • Myself plus _______ others can attend.
  • My preferred time slot is (tick your choice:
  • 12pm – 2pm
  • 2pm – 4pm
  • 4pm – 6pm

I am/am not* interested in the Brass Monkey camp at Bonaly in February 2008.

I am/am not* interested in the District Blast Off camp at Auchengillan on 25th -27th April 2008.Please find enclosed a deposit of £20.00 (Cheques made payable to “172nd Merchiston Scouts”).

I am/am not* interested in the Scout/Guide Festival Camp in Summer 2008

*delete were appropriate.

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