The Scout Uniform
The pictures below show an example of a Scout Uniform and some of the badges now available.
The Woggle is worn around the scarf. Scouts wear a leather woggle.

  • Membership Award
  • Group Nametape
  • County and District Badges
  • Group Awards
  • Chief Scout’s Award
  • Challenge Awards
  • Joining in Badge
  • Actitivy Badges
  • Moving On Award


Membership AwardThe Membership Award is the first badge you work towards. It allows you to find out what Scouts and Scouting is all about badge_membership01.gif
Group Name Tape
The Group Name Tape tells people exactly what group you come from. Some Groups which have more than one Troop/Pack may have an additonal tape underneath to distinguish your Troop/Pack.

Scotland Flag
This badge indicates that the scout group is from Scotland
District & County Badge
The UK is split into Counties and Areas. Each County has its own badge. The County is then further split into Districts. These badges serve to pinpoint your location in the UK. Our district of Merchsiton is located in the City of Edinburgh.
merc.gif s-ed-l.gif
Leadership Stripe
Those Scouts that have earnt their place as a Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader are awarded a stripe. The APL has a single stripe and the PL has a double stripe. Other positions of responsibility may enable a Scout to wear a Leadership stripe.
Group Awards
International Friendship, Enviroment and Faith are three of the Group Awards.These awards are designed so that all members of the Scout Group, from Beavers to Explorers, can take part and work together.
Gold Chief Scout’s Award
This is the highest award available to Scouts.
Challenge Awards
The Outdoor, Outdoor Plus, Creative, Fitness, Global and Community, Adventure and Expedition Challenge can be gained as part of a balanced programme.
Activity Badges
These reward an individual who has taken part in an activity that interests them over a period of time.
Activity Badges

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